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Mark Management

Effective mark management is crucial for instructors and educational institutions to track and assess student progress. Within our Learning Management System (LMS), we provide comprehensive mark management capabilities that streamline the process of recording, analyzing, and managing student marks.

Our LMS includes a gradebook feature that serves as a centralized repository for recording and managing student marks. Instructors can easily create gradebooks for each course and input marks for various assessments, assignments, quizzes, and exams.

Customizable Grade Scales:

Instructors have the flexibility to define and customize grade scales within the LMS.

Formative and Summative Assessments:

Effective mark management is crucial for tracking and evaluating student performance within a Learning Management System (LMS).

Gradebook Setup:

Our LMS allows instructors to set up a gradebook within each course. Instructors can define grade categories, such as assignments, quizzes, exams, or participation, and assign weights or percentages to each category based on their grading scheme. This customizable gradebook ensures consistency and transparency in grading.

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We Providing!

We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive and reliable online assessment experience within our LMS. By leveraging technology, promoting assessment security, and offering flexible assessment formats, we aim to support meaningful evaluation of student learning outcomes.

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Our LMS provides robust mark management capabilities to streamline the grading process, record and analyze student marks, and facilitate efficient communication of grades.