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Online Assessments

As part of our commitment to delivering a comprehensive and flexible learning experience, we have integrated online assessments within our Learning Management System (LMS). Our LMS provides a robust platform for conducting assessments in a digital environment.

We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive and reliable online assessment experience within our LMS.

Proctoring Options:

For high-stakes assessments or situations that require additional security measures, our LMS can integrate with online proctoring services.

Formative and Summative Assessments:

Formative assessments help track student progress and provide feedback during the learning process, while summative assessments evaluate overall learning outcomes.

Assessment Creation and Setup:

Instructors can easily create and set up online assessments within the LMS. They can define the assessment details, such as the title, description, time limit, and scoring criteria. Instructors can also specify any additional instructions or resources that students may need during the assessment.

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Flexible Assessment Formats:

Our LMS supports a range of assessment formats beyond traditional multiple-choice or essay questions. It allows for interactive and multimedia-based assessments, such as drag-and-drop, simulations, multimedia presentations, or scenario-based assessments. This variety of formats promotes engagement and enhances the assessment experience.

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The LMS provides instructors with analytics and reporting features to track student performance and gain insights into assessment results. Instructors can access data on overall class performance, individual student scores, question analysis, and other relevant metrics.