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About Administration

Our Administrative services under one roof.

Virtual Clerq has integrated modules to manage the entire school | College administrative processes including Enquiry, Admission, Fee collection, Inventory, Purchase, Hostel, Transport, Front Office Management, and many other modules that help schools to bring the entire administration process under one Roof. Virtual Clerq modules help the Institution to analyse and plan their resources in a better way to maximize the output which helps in Educational Institutions overall growth.

Admission Management

Entire institution admission management at one click

System enables administrators to track and manage applications in real-time. view the status of each application, communicate with applicants, and ensure that all required documents are submitted. ERP admission management allows for automated communication with applicants, sending notifications about application updates, interview schedules, and admission decisions. This ensures timely and consistent communication, reducing manual effort.

Online Application and Registration
Application Tracking
Integration with Other Systems

Virtual clerq by inbox ifs

Fee Management

Access the fee details and manage the transaction

Establish the fee structure and policy, determining the types of fees applicable, fee management system calculates the fees owed by each student based on the established fee structure. Invoices are generated and distributed to students and their families, detailing the fee amounts, due dates, and payment methods.

Payment Collection
Fee Waivers and Scholarships
Fee Collection Reminders
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Payroll Management

Manage your staffs attendance and salary with our ERP

processes and systems involved in managing the compensation and benefits of employees within educational institutions. It encompasses tasks related to calculating salaries, deducting taxes and other withholdings, disbursing payments, maintaining payroll records, and ensuring compliance with applicable labor laws and regulations.

Salary Calculation
Tax Deductions and Withholdings
Time and Attendance Management
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Transport Management

Monitor and track the Transportation ways on your hands

This Module involved in managing transportation services for students and staff within educational institutions. It encompasses tasks related to organizing and coordinating transportation schedules, ensuring safety and efficiency of transportation operations, and maintaining records and communication related to transportation services.

Route Planning and Scheduling
Driver Management
Vehicle Maintenance and Safety
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