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Now the complex administration and the clerical activities can be easily handled

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Human Resource

Human Resource is the main practices that can be made easy with

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In this digitalized Era, we help each institutes to digitalize themselves

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Virtual clerq by inbox ifs

Exam Management

Manage the exam process through online anywhere with your App Installed

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Student Management

Manage Each and every student in finger tip with end-to-end reports and other

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Virtual clerq by inbox ifs

Finance & Payroll

Calculate your staff or faculties on day attandence and payroll in One click

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Exam Protocol

Helping each student to understand the protocol and the syllabus through the LMS tool

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Online Assignments

The faculty can arrange online assignments through the web and mobile version anytime

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Online Assessments

Integration with LMS for educational platforms, creatS a digital learning environment

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Mark Management

Accurate and Timely Assessment with Centralized Data and Automated Calculations.

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Online LMS

Offering Centralized Learning Platform and flexibility in course delivery

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Educational Content

Digitalized educational content can be Interactive and Engaging, makes the learners confident

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Visitors App

enables the check-in process for visitors, ensuring that only authorized individuals.

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Transport App

A platform for managing routes, schedules, and driver assignments

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Fee Payment App

Convenient and Secure Payments with Automated Reminders and Notifications

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Teacher App

Facilitates communication and collaboration between teachers, students, and parents

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Student App

Enables students to track their academic progress and monitor their performance

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Parent App

Communication between parents and the educational institution can offer features

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Responsive Website

Our team has a hands on experience in designing Responsive websites

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SEO & SMO Support

SEO & SMO is the potential part for every website to enhnce the online presence

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Content Management System allows to manage, and modify digital content on the website

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Dynamic Content

Virtal clerq helps you in engaging with birthday, calendars and Reminder

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Virtual clerq by inbox ifs

Google Analytics

Allows website owners and marketers to track and analyze website traffic and user behavior

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Digitalizing Education

Allows students to access learning materials anytime, anywhere, with an internet

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Read and decode barcodes on identification cards for the safety measures of students

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A new Technology to manage the safety feature of student inside the premises

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Navigation System

Introducing the new technology in handling the safety feature in transportation

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Business Whatsapp

Integrating the Technology with whatsap to transfer messages with faculty to parent

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Our ERP is Integrated with Biometric system to handle the students and staffs attendance

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QR Code

The ERP System manages with visitor magement with QR Code data filling

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About Us

We Help Our Clients for a Hassle-Free Business Growth.

Virtual Clerq – A SaaS Platform which performs all the management related clerical Activities needed for a school and a college. We help to make the management Digitalized and keep track of Entire management activities Up-to-Date

No Hidden Cost

No fee service options, save money by avoiding hidden fee

Dedicated Team

Our team Provides customized services, cost-saving benefits, time-saving benefits

24/7 Available

Improved customer Satisfaction Through Live chat and Telephonic Support.


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Why Choosing Us!

Few Reasons Why People Choose Us!

Our product consistently delivers high quality and meets or exceeds customer expectations, Quality is often associated with reliability, durability, performance, and customer satisfaction. Simplify your tasks with Virtual Clerq App!

Virtual clerq by inbox ifs Virtual clerq by inbox ifs
Virtual clerq by inbox ifs

Well Designed User Friendly Interface

Improved User Satisfaction with a positive user experience is essential in educational management systems. Users are more likely to enjoy interacting with the system and utilize its features effectively.

Ease of Use

Time Efficiency

Enhanced Productivity

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Virtual clerq by inbox ifs

Privacy & Security at its core

Providing robust database security support can be a significant reason why people would choose your educational management services.

Data Protection

Compliance and Regulations

Confidentiality and Privacy

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Virtual clerq by inbox ifs

24 cross 7 Support

Providing 24/7 support is a valuable feature that can significantly influence people's decision to choose your educational management services

Timely Issue Resolution

Flexibility and Convenience

Global Reach

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Why accessibility matters

Accessibility is a critical factor that can strongly influence people's decision to choose your educational management services

Compliance with Regulations

Reach a Wider Audience

Legal Protection

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Data Migration Support

Providing data migration support is an important factor that can attract people to choose our educational management services

Seamless Transition

Reduced Downtime

Data Security and Privacy

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Simplified Faster Communication

Now parents do not need to visit school each time in order to make discussions with the respective class teachers or subject teachers to gauge the ward’s progress.

Efficiency and Time Savings

Improved Accessibility

Enhanced Parent-Teacher Communication

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Virtual clerq by inbox ifs

Go Green Go Paperless

School | College Related work includes lots of papers, Going paperless significantly reduces paper consumption, which contributes to environmental conservation

Environmental Sustainability

Digital documents

Reduced Administrative Burden

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Product Features

Our Muliple Integrated Features, Which is Easily Customizable

Virtual clerq by inbox ifs Virtual clerq by inbox ifs Virtual clerq by inbox ifs Virtual clerq by inbox ifs Virtual clerq by inbox ifs Virtual clerq by inbox ifs Virtual clerq by inbox ifs Virtual clerq by inbox ifs


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